New York City



Red Feather sits in the heart of Greenwich village, close to the lively and beautiful Washington Square Park. The comfortable dining area will evoke a fun yet upscale atmosphere with beautiful colors and art pieces from the ceiling that will pair with the craftsmanship from the Chef and bartender.

Executive Chef Pia Gervacio

Growing up in the Philippines and having years of experience in NYC Michelin Restaurants such as Public SoHo and Rogue Tomate Chelsea, Pia has combined her culinary education in classic French cooking techniques with her Southeast Asian heritage. She brings this mastery into Red Feather which fuses these native flavors and spices with western cooking techniques.

Pia’s desire to showcase local ingredients with surprising tastes and textures will surely provide a unique dining experience. Her upbringing made her appreciate and enjoy the diversity of Southeast Asia’s culinary crossroads – learning about its flavors first-hand has developed her palette and cooking, highlighting the combination of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy.